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     Bruce is an attorney who has practiced in the areas of real estate and business law since 1976. He has practiced in the Vail Valley since 1982 when he relocated to Vail, Colorado from Sarasota, Florida.  In Sarasota his primary clients were foreign and U.S. real estate developers.  Bruce’s office, Chapman Law Group P.C., is located in Edwards, Colorado.  He represents foreign (non U.S. resident) and U.S. real estate and business clients. In regard to real estate, he assists clients in acquiring real estate, and its ownership, development and sale.  In addition to the typical issues encountered by U.S. real estate clients, Bruce has many years of experience in regard to the unique issues encountered by foreign real estate and business clients. He has clients located in the United States, England, Scotland, Mexico, France, Greece, Panama, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Venezuela, and Costa Rica. Issues unique to foreign clients include the need to structure the purchase and sale properly in order to deal with U.S. estate, gift and other U.S. tax laws and the tax laws of the client’s home country, FIRPTA, and borrowing issues unique to non U.S. residents.  Especially when representing foreign clients, Bruce likes a team approach. In that regard, he will assemble a team including an international tax attorney to advise regarding the options to structure the purchase or sale, a U.S. CPA experienced in U.S. taxation issues pertaining to foreign clients, a tax advisor located in the client’s home country to advise regarding the ramifications of the U.S. investment structure on the client’s domestic tax obligations, himself and any other professionals with needed specialized expertise.  Bruce also represents U.S. and foreign clients in regard to construction, development, zoning, and leasing issues.  Bruce’s business law practice includes the formation of limited liability companies, corporations, and partnerships and the representation of those companies throughout their business life.  Often for privacy, tax planning or liability protection, a real estate purchaser or developer will desire to form a company with one or more owners as the vehicle for ownership of the real estate.  He also represents clients in regard to the acquisition and sale of businesses and business assets as well as business mergers and reorganizations.

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